Random Quotes about Uriel

What friends and colleague have said about uriel.

pyker: uriel is an alien...

any: uriel is the final frontier.

f2f: you're a grumpy old man, uriel :) [~2004 - Uriel was 22 years old at the time.]

f2f: uriel is stupid in mysterious ways

f2f: uriel is uriel.. don't get into arguments with him, he'll leave you empty :)

rminnich: uriel, you are incorrigible :-)

vt3: you are good at slaying sacred cows.

vt3: Uriel, you remind me of Schopenhauer

garbeam: uriel, I've read much of Nietzsche, you remind me of Zarathustra

newsham: Uriel \Yoo*ri*ul\  One who speaks or writes in offense of a faith, a cause, or an institution.

__20h__: uriel should get a shovel and ten years time for digging a tunnel through the Himalaya.

Boyd (aka Major-Willard): uriel yer a utopian nihilist

Boyd (aka Major-Willard): that's what we need uriel for: to give the most pessimistic view -- keeps us sharp

nym: uriel, you act so fucking tough.. i have never really been pissed off at anyone on the internet..  this is a first

f2f: i think banging my balls with two bricks is more productive than getting into an argument with uriel

quintile: uriel, what you do is good, exactly how you phrase things can be...  little baroque?

Rembrandt: No..uriel is no human
garbeam: uriel is a Ubermensch

f2f: LD_LIBRARY_PRELOAD is frowned upon by the Plan 9 community,
    but uriel is the only one who has the proper vocabulary to describe it

f2f: uriel is great in small doses

__20h__: Without uriel would the world break into two parts and they would fly into the sun and burn.

fgb: uriel mantains the universe's balance.

uriel: tiger, the basis of everything are genetic attributes, but how they evolve is another thing
tiger: as can be seen in you. a completely new species :P

hiro: but i think god is already dead, i heard a rumour about him having shot himself
DenisG: that's the story uriel told the police ...

Uriel, the suckless Tough Guy, filled with anger and liquid shit
    -- Aurélien Aptel

post scriptum: uriel, i bet you are one pedant fuck. pedant as in researching,
establishing and policing a strict (and optimum) ratio of foreplay to coitus.
    -- Andrei Tanase posting to dev@suckless.org

TheTom: what uriel does is not trolling. it's highly developed art.

shatter: you can eat a baby for all i care. you're okay in my book.

jrm8005: You're a Thought Criminal, amigo.

the author [uriel] was expelled from kindergarten for drunkenness / автора исключили из детсада за пьянку
    -- zerthurd [Uriel has never been drunk, or had more than a sip of alcohol.]

djp: uriel, was your empathy gland surgically removed ?
SmoothPorcupine: No, uriel's empathy gland was torn out with a golf club.

__20h__: [uriel's facebook profile photo] is how every dictator looks in his beginnings.

if uriel doesn't think you're an idiot you're probably a replicant.
    -- sl

__20h__: Mistakes only lead to learning or ending up like uriel.

uriel's conclusions are always radical, he has a very small bullshit treshold.
    -- Cinap Lenrek

uriel: what can you teach me?
Krista: human-being-like-acting
uriel (later): but I don't want to act like a human being! I want to act like an evil goblin! 

Not everyone will understand the complex personality of Uriel :)
    -- Krista

I can't imagine that something would be liberal enough for you.
    -- Anna Katarzyna Kolkowska 

uriel: helmets are for sissies!
__20h__: see[s] an anvil falling down on uriel
uriel: my head is harder than any anvil!
Capso: nothing ever gets through! you think an anvil could? hah!
Capso: propaganda can't even penetrate the head of uriel; a mere anvil is no match!
adisbladis: The anvil refuses to fall on uriel, it knows it would just break.

__20h__: [uriel] is from a dark dark place

 [during a discussion of imperial and metric units]
 cinap_lenrek: U - uriel unit
 izaki: we should all abandon our units in favor of the U... Universal unit...
 EthanG: Of course, this should be related to the eV only by some difficult math - I know, let's make the U a logarhythmic scale!
 cinap_lenrek: we also should add a special bit pattern that is used to express NaU (not a uriel) and NaUaa (not a uriel at all)
 cinap_lenrek: for convenience, uriels are represented as numbers to the base of -42
 cinap_lenrek: lets use alphanumeric characters as symbols, 
 cinap_lenrek: and choose them carefully, so that most of the uriels are also valid insults in the english language
 izaki: gimme fuck U's of rice, please...
 izaki: gimme moron U's of milk...
 izaki: I weight fuck,off U's...

 jse: uriel is philosophically violent against stupid shit.

 Weon, eres crejsi. :D ♥ (La ultima palabra con prnunciacion sueca. :3)

 uriel would save a lot of time if he had a "retard" key
    -- aiju

 Gödel was the uriel of mathematical logic
    -- aiju

 uriel is ornery as FUCK, but as time approaches infinity, his arguments approach a point.
    -- Capso

 uriel is shaney incarnate.
    -- Bruce Ellis

 uriel is the Benevolent Motherfucker
    -- Capso

cinap_lenrek: think, ask uriel, get shouted at, ignore uriel and implement anyway, see that it sucks, agree with uriel
cinap_lenrek: theres still a chance that uriel was wrong, but if he was wrong... its usualy awesome

__20h__: Uriel is never loving anything.
__20h__: If you see uriel loving something, then it's you being on drugs.

Ignore uriel forever. 
    -- Advice by moraes to somebody listening to uriel.

You rarely notice [uriel], he knows it all (better), you never see anything
of him.. he's God. And you don't interact with God. That'll get you to an
institution for the mad.  
    -- laen

apotheon: uriel is [...] like the Spanish Inquisition. He appears when you don't expect him.

__20h__: Uriel killed Nietzsche.

1 Glenda is the amount of energy released by an average rant of uriel, we should measure nuclear explosion in this unit
    -- aiju

Isn't uriel himself against german law? 
    -- Taru Karttunen (taruti)

You're weirdness.
    -- Anna Rudycheva

<Aiju> found the perfect quote describing you:

    Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint!
    Und das mit Recht; denn alles was entsteht
    Ist werth daß es zu Grunde geht;
        -- Faust I

If you were a fairytale character, you'd probably be an old oak tree that speaks in riddles
just because it's too big to be bothered... 
    -- Anna Rudycheva

The best form of gouvernment is uriel.
    -- Aiju

Uriel has magical powers. [He is] invulnerable. Uriel always lives. That is one of its properties/laws of Uriel.
    -- Rachel

Man, [your life] sounds like a dali painting. -- Rachel

xtg: uriel sounds like confucious, or buddha, or something

uriel's the fucking messiah. The rest of us can hole up in our virtual monastery 
quite happy, but uriel cannot help but go argue with the Pharisees and Sadducees. 
    -- eekee

Hablar contigo siempre es como una peli de Bergman.
("Speaking with you is always like an Ingmar Bergman film")
    -- Beatriz